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"The author is just as willing to highlight his own shortcomings and admit where he went wrong as he is to call out the slip-ups of others. This makes Leadership, Levity and the Power of Baked Alaska a business book that's direct, honest, irreverent and packed to the brim with 'snap, crackle and pop'!"

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We don’t just coach, we get on the pitch with you! That’s why we can make a real difference. It’s our hands on, collaborative approach that results in you achieving a leap in profits. We begin by listening intently to your challenges and aspirations. After all you’re the best person to spotlight those. Then together we identify the obstacles hindering your growth and pinpoint ways of overcoming them. Basically we exploit your competitive edge to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Your geographical positioning has a direct effect on your sales and profits. It’s a huge help to have a local Business Doctor who understands your market position, is aware of the competition and of your customer base. We work in partnership with you, sharing a wealth of business experience as well as providing individual expertise. And because we have a network of trusted doctors, we can access specialist knowledge if needs be.

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